Anyone, anywhere can be a changemaker 

The power to shape the future belongs not just to a few, but to all of us. Join us to connect, collaborate, and make lasting impact in a rapidly changing world. 

Changemakers is a place to connect with people who are transforming our world for the good of all. There are thousands of us. We are all ages. We are building new solutions to the challenges we face — from education to mental health, environmental sustainability to social justice – in any field you can dream of.  

Here we find support and learn together. Discover stories, resources, and opportunities to take your impact to the next level. Join the changemaker movement. 

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Social and environmental issues often appear in the headlines, but where are the solutions? Hear from changemakers worldwide, and discover bold ideas and stories that prove everyone can contribute a healthier and more just world. 


Guides and how-to's designed by and for changemakers. Check out practical tips and insights on team-building, empathy, innovation, collective leadership, and so much more.

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Changemakers never stop learning. Looking for the next step in your journey? Discover courses created or curated by Ashoka, and explore subjects from intrapreneurship to systems change. 


Submit your solution online to receive feedback and support. Much more than a competition, every Challenge offers a chance to learn, grow, and connect with changemakers like you. Take your social impact to the next level.

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